Summer one-on-one tutoring is available. Because of the nature of summer schedules, hourly tutoring sessions must be set up in advance. Regular school year tutoring schedules are not extended into July and August.  Parents are encouraged to schedule tutoring sessions as summer schedules permit. Ten weeks is a very long break from school studies. Experts estimate that the rate of ‘learning loss’ averages 30%! The summer provides an excellent opportunity to identify and work on numeracy and literacy skills  that is harder to schedule during the busy school year.  As well, students can receive summer school support if that is something that is needed.  


Just for the summer months, get five summer tutoring sessions for the price of four! That's 20% off our regular low rate of $45.00 per hour. Payment must be made in advance, at the first scheduled session and the hours must be booked and used before the first day of school in September.