Summer Tutoring

Summer one-on-one tutoring is available. Because of the nature of summer schedules, hourly tutoring sessions must be set up in advance. Regular school year tutoring schedules are not extended into July and August.  Parents are encouraged to schedule tutoring sessions as summer schedules permit. Ten weeks is a very long break from school studies. The summer provides an excellent opportunity to identify and work on numeracy and literacy skills  that is harder to schedule during the busy school year.  As well, students can receive summer school support if that is something that is needed.  The cost is the regular tutoring rate of $45/hour (one-to-one).

Alternatively, we offer another type of summer program....Camp SohCahToa!

                                                      A mini math summer day camp for students in grades 3 to 11!

                                                      A mini math summer day camp for students in grades 3 to 11!

Camp SohCahToa is a mini math day camp. Each daily session is made up of tutoring and math games and activities. Tutoring will be based on assessments done by the teacher concentrating on each students' areas in need of improvement. Enrollment will be restricted to 3 students each day. The grade range for this summer program is from grades 3 to 11.

There are two sessions scheduled for each week of the summer, Session A each week takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays. Session B each week takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is expected that students from grades 3 to 6 would be scheduled in the Session A group and grade 7 and up in the Session B groups but we can be flexible. Please note that there will be no day camps the first week of August (August 1-4).  Parents may book a single week (2 day sessions of 2 hours each) or multiple weeks in the summer. Enrollment is limited so parents are encouraged to book early. The cost for this program is $100.00 per week ($50.00/day) payable in advance by cash, cheque (made out to Head Start Tutors), or Interac e-transfer via email,

Where does the name Camp SohCahToa come from?

In discussions with our high school students, it was agreed that the term SohCahToa would make an excellent name for a summer camp for math students. Students in grade 10 and higher and most parents will recognize the term as a short form for remembering the basic trigonometric ratios but for all students of any age, it certainly sounds like the name of a camp, and now it is! One of our students, Devon, has suggested that CAMP could also stand for something as well: Cool Awesome Math Program! We agree!

To register your son or daughter, please fill out the form below completely and accurately. Please check the session(s) that you are signing your son or daughter up for. If you have any questions, please call Neil at 416-272-9589, send an email via or by using the Inquiry Form under the  'Contact Us' section of this web site. Thank you!

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